Ex-employee: Jacko performed oral sex on youth. In other testimony, a former maid says the pop star showered with choreographer Wade Robson when he was a young boy

By Michael Slezak
Updated April 07, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

The testimony of two ex-employees of Michael Jackson could help the prosecution bolster its efforts to show the pop star had a pattern of molesting boys.

According to the Associated Press, Ralph Chacon told jurors Thursday that while working as a security guard at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in 1992 or 1993, he witnessed the entertainer kissing and performing oral sex on a boy; in 1994, Jackson paid out a multimillion-dollar settlement to the youth, who refused to cooperate with a police investigation.

On Tuesday, Jackson’s former maid testified that she saw the singer take a shower with star choreographer Wade Robson when he was a young boy, Reuters reports. While the woman’s own son previously told jurors that Jackson had fondled him on several occasions when his mother brought him to work at Neverland, Robson told reporters in a 2003 interview that ”nothing strange happened” between himself and Jackson.

The 46-year-old pop star has pleaded not guilty to a 10-count indictment that includes charges of plying a minor with alcohol, then molesting him. The trial judge ruled prosecutors can present evidence of alleged past wrongdoing with five boys.