''Sopranos'' characters have twins on a day-time soap -- EW compares our favorite HBO mobsters with the cast of ''General Hospital''

By Abby West
Updated April 04, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Does the seemingly interminable wait for season 6 of The Sopranos have you starved for a little Mob action? (The HBO gangster series returns with new episodes next year.) Satisfy your mobster craving with ABC’s long-running daytime soap General Hospital. It’s Mafia lite for sure, with no swearing, nudity, or graphic gore. But some of the characters just might seem familiar.


TONY SOPRANO A brooding Mob boss with mommy issues, he’s ruthless enough to shoot a beloved cousin in the head.

CARMELA SOPRANO After quietly suffering through Tony’s indiscretions, his wife had an affair with her son’s guidance counselor.

CHRISTOPHER MOLTISANTI Taking the role of Tony’s right-hand man, his nephew left behind his dreams of becoming a screenwriter.

DR. MELFI After years of tending to Tony’s mental needs, his no-nonsense shrink has yet to give in to her attraction to him.

JOHNNY SACRAMONI Fighting for control of the New York family is more important to Tony’s rival than anything else.


SONNY CORINTHOS A brooding Mob boss with daddy issues, he’s ruthless enough to order a major hit during a tribute to his son.

CARLY CORINTHOS After not so quietly suffering through Sonny’s indiscretions, his now-ex-wife had an affair with his archenemy.

JASON MORGAN Taking the role of Sonny’s right-hand man, he left behind his family after suffering brain damage in a car accident.

ALEXIS DAVIS After years of tending to Sonny’s legal needs, his no-nonsense attorney gave in to her attraction and got pregnant.

LORENZO ALCAZAR Fighting for the attention of Carly is more important to Sonny’s rival than fighting over territory.