Hilton, Mewes team up for romantic comedy. The Kevin Smith regular will play a bartender who finds love and success in Hollywood in Paul Walker's indie film ''Bottoms Up''

By Gary Susman
Updated April 04, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Think Paris Hilton’s life has been too fast, too furious? Then it’s apt that she’s teaming up to appear in a film produced by Paul Walker. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she’ll star in the indie romantic comedy Bottoms Up, in which Walker is also expected to cameo. He’s not Hilton’s leading man, however; that’ll be Jason Mewes, a.k.a. stoner Jay of the Kevin Smith movies. Mewes will play a Midwestern bartender who moves to Hollywood, where he finds success and love, apparently with the socialite-reality star. Directing and cowriting the movie, which the Reporter likens to Swingers, is Erik MacArthur, whose previous directing credit is a 2002 short, starring Walker, that’s called ”Life Makes Sense if You’re Famous.” So does a Paris Hilton-Jason Mewes liaison.