EW thinks Beck is mighty hungry -- This ''Loser'''s lyrics are stuffed with food references



Upon hearing his cries to the ”vegetable man in the vegetable van” on Guero, we couldn’t help but wonder whether Beck might be a little. . .well, famished. (Have you noticed the waifish crooner’s spacey doe eyes? A possible sign of low blood sugar, no?) It reminded us of all the other food references in his music. Turns out, vegetables are just the (asparagus) tip of the iceberg (lettuce).

ALBUM Stereopathetic Soulmanure (1994)

SONG ”Satan Gave Me a Taco”


LYRICS ”Chicken was all raw, and the grease was mighty thick”

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Beck’s description of a taco procured from ol’ Beelzebub himself was enough to make us reconsider making a run for the border. (Or, for that matter, making for the border with the runs.) But good to know the guy has some protein in his diet.

ALBUM Mellow Gold (1994)

SONG ”Soul Suckin Jerk”

FOOD FOR BECK Bacon and eggs. . .and worms

LYRICS ”I’m trying not to beg/Taking turns baking worms with the bacon and eggs”

FOOD FOR THOUGHT More fatty foods. How does he stay so trim? But an even bigger concern are those worms. Watch out, Beck! They’re regenerating in your stomach!

ALBUM Odelay (1996)

SONG ”Lord Only Knows”


LYRICS ”Goin’ back to Houston/Do the hot dog dance”

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Powerful is Beck’s relish for wieners. (Stop snickering, you pervert.) And we’d pay good money to see him square off against world hot-dog-eating champ Takeru Kobayashi of Japan, who devoured 53 1/2 franks (and buns!) in 12 minutes. Like Beck, he’s also remarkably slender.

ALBUM Midnite Vultures (1999)

SONG ”Peaches & Cream”

FOOD FOR BECK Peaches. . .cream. . .lollipops

LYRICS ”Give those pious soldiers/Another lollipop/’Cause we’re on the good ship/Ménage à trois”

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Beck seems to be channeling Prince here (come to think of it, we’ve never seen them together. . .). We thought he was talking about food. But someone told us he was talking about sex. Now we’re confused. And hungry.