EW reviews two British bands -- We take a look at Bloc Party and the Kaiser Chiefs

April 04, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW reviews two British bands

Two more acts from across the pond have jumped aboard the revivalist bandwagon, en route to Next Franz Ferdinand Land. But while the Kaiser Chiefs will sell a million records, Bloc Party should make a million records. This London gang of four delivers a post-punk mishmash of angular guitars, pulsating bass, and tricky time signatures — not to mention singer Kele Okereke’s distraught rebel yelp. But beyond the requisite retro nods on the glittery ”This Modern Love” and jittery ”Helicopter” shines an epic ambition that recalls earliest U2. The Chiefs, on the other hand, just really dig Madness and Blur. Their Employment boasts more than its fair share of imminent hits (”Saturday Night,” ”I Predict a Riot”), but the Leeds five have polished their ability to craft catchy songs so well that any attempt at sincere artistry is subverted (see current U2). Partying to Employment certainly makes for a fun time, but Silent Alarm possesses that rare essence that will keep you swooning the morning after. Silent Alarm: A- Employment: B

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