April 04, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW reviews the latest in chick lit

SUMMER IN THE CITY Robyn Sisman As part of a six-week transfer by their ad agency, spontaneous Londoner Suze and cautious Manhattanite Lloyd swap apartments. Source of Angst Suze is tired of dating English bad boys; Lloyd is on the fence about marrying his longtime girlfriend. Unsolved Mystery Lloyd is wrongly accused of leaking corporate secrets, prompting him and Suze to work together to clear his name. Lowdown Sisman’s descriptions of shallowness on both sides of the pond are dead-on — and hilarious. A-

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DATES Jennifer Cox Londoner Cox embarks on a real-life multi-country journey to find a soul mate. Source of Angst The downsides of dating — chemistry-less pairings, unnecessary groping, downright weirdness — don’t really change overseas. Unsolved Mystery Will Cox find the man of her dreams? And can they make it work if he’s on the other side of the world? Low-down Cox’s appealingly hopeful musings on singledom resonate. But like a bad date, some anecdotes drag on too long. B

NOTES FROM THE UNDER-BELLY Risa Green Lara Stone’s fine with being a self-obsessed material girl, until her sweetly indulgent husband says he wants a baby. Source of Angst Pregnancy — ick. Unsolved Mystery How to make a disgruntled high school guidance counselor who hates kids into a mom. Lowdown Lara’s bratty attitude and the mawkishness of motherhood could’ve led to disaster; instead, Green conceives an uproariously tart account of one mommy-to-be’s nine-month emotional growth spurt. A-

MIM WARNER’S LOST HER COOL Lynn Messina Trend tracker Meghan loses her passion for work when mentor Mim has a mental meltdown. Source of Angst Meghan’s sexy ex seeks her help to sell his debut thriller novel. Unsolved Mystery Her ex-beau’s books start showing up at murder scenes throughout NYC. Low-down We love the satirical look at the cool-making biz (the buzz generated by the book’s crime connection is very Purpose-Driven Life) but wish there were more Mim, less Meghan. B — Jennifer Armstrong and Clarissa Cruz

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