Topher Grace counts Harold Ramis’ Groundhog Day as ”one of my top five favorite films.” No wonder he signed up for the director’s new romantic comedy about Friendster and online relationships! ”Yeah, that,” Grace says, calling during one of his final days on the set of That ’70s Show (he’s not returning for an eighth season), ”coupled with the fact that when I met with [producers] Stacey Sher and Michael Shamberg, Michael said, ‘I made The Big Chill in the ’80s, and Reality Bites in the ’90s, and I want a boxed set.’ I was like, I’m in. . . .What’s amazing to me is that those are movies. . .of a period. . .of. . .time,” Grace trails off. ”Um. . .hang on, what do I mean?” Time capsules of an era, maybe? ”Wow — can I steal that? Do you mind?” Nah. The Deal Report loves to share!. . .Deep Throatstar Linda Lovelace sure lived a tumultuous existence. Hey — so does Courtney Love! Which might be what producer Jason Blum (HBO’s Hysterical Blindness) was thinking when he cast Love as the late porn star in his biopic, tentatively called Lovelace, which is now in development. . . .In less salacious biopic news, Ray producer Howard Baldwin has signed on to produce Robert Redford’s untitled film about Jackie Robinson, the first black man to play for a major-league baseball team in the modern era. Redford will costar as Branch Rickey, the man who signed Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers organization in 1945. ”This is not a sports story,” says Baldwin. ”It’s American history.” Preproduction begins in 2006.


On the Berlin set of Aeon Flux last December, Charlize Theron told us she was so into her futuristic action heroine character that she did as many stunts as possible: ”Every day, I just want to hang from the wire. Like, I can do it!” Well, now the Oscar winner can get into even more nutso situations any time she wants, ’cause she’s lending her voice and likeness to Majesco’s Flux videogame. Due to coincide with the movie’s fall release, the game will incorporate elements of both MTV’s original ’90s animated series and the live-action adaptation directed by Karyn Kusama. Way to keep the Flux mythology alive, Charlize!