Creator of the movie ratings system won't retire yet -- Jack Valenti says he'll hand over the reigns this summer


EW bestows upon ”former” Motion Picture Association of America chief Jack Valenti the rating of G — for ”Gee, he’s still here!” Despite his much-publicized retirement last September, Valenti, 83, continues to run the ratings system — long criticized by filmmakers as arbitrary and opaque — that he created 37 years ago. So what of Dan Glickman, Valenti’s successor? ”Probably this summer, or sometime after that, he’ll take charge,” Valenti tells EW. ”Meanwhile, I’m sort of shepherding this thing — since it’s my baby.” So Glickman could take over any time? ”Absolutely.” As for changing the system, which still faces accusations that it’s easier on violence than on sex? ”You don’t change something that’s working.”

”We thought, ‘Well, at least Jack Valenti won’t be there [anymore],”’ says Matt Stone, recalling last fall’s ratings bout over Team America: World Police‘s NC-17-baiting marionecstasy — which supposedly kicked off the post-Valenti era. ”Somebody told us, ‘No, he actually sticks around for a while.’ I did think, ‘Wow, maybe the whole thing’s gonna change.’ But it didn’t. Wishful thinking.”