Carrie Fisher plans ''Star Wars'' tell-all book. She says she kept diaries while filming the original trilogy

Carrie Fisher
Credit: Carrie Fisher: Michael Buckner/Getty

Now that the Star Wars franchise is winding down, it’s apparently safe for Carrie Fisher to dish dirt on what happened behind the scenes during the filming of the original trilogy. In an interview timed to promote the paperback release in the U.K. of her novel The Best Awful, the actress-author told London’s Sunday Telegraph that she’s signed a deal to write a tell-all about her experiences shooting the Star Wars movies. ”When I was in Star Wars, I kept diaries. Big books full of what went on, what I thought, what I did,” said the erstwhile Princess Leia. ”I am going to write them all up as a narrative.”

Fisher didn’t say when she would deliver the memoir. ”It will be riveting,” she said. ”Once I get started, that is. I’m months behind already. What I need to do is put it on my ‘To do’ list.”

Still, she offered one small bit of dish to the Telegraph. Talking about Leia’s famous coif, which Fisher described as ”hairy donuts,” she said, ”How stupid did I look? But I couldn’t complain. They’d made me promise to drop 10 pounds for the film. I failed miserably. So when they asked how I liked the hairstyle, I said: ‘Love it, I love it. Great.’ Anything to distract them from the fact that I was a bit fat.”

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