By Missy Schwartz
Updated March 28, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

Why did Selma Blair sign up for a remake of The Fog, starring Smallville‘s Tom Welling? ”I married this man” — actor Ahmet Zappa — ”who is a complete horror buff. He thinks being in one of these movies is akin to being a rock star!” Updating the role originated in 1980 by Adrienne Barbeau, Blair plays a deejay who transmits from a lighthouse, and ”saves people from the fog because I have the advantage of being up there.” Ooooh!

Double high-fives to HBO for renewing The Wire, the Deal Report’s favorite show! ”If HBO voted on numbers, we’d be gone,” says David Simon, creator of the critically adored, mass-audience-ignored series about Baltimore cops and their criminal adversaries. Season 4 will delve into the public school system while revisiting the themes of drugs and violence. As for which actors might be returning, Simon’s lips were as sealed as a juvie’s record, but the DR is lobbying hard for Michael K. Williams’ shotgun-lovin’ gangsta, Omar Little. ”There’s no controlling that man,” Simon says with a chuckle. ”Omar does what he wants, lives by his own code. If he wants to come back, he might. If he doesn’t want to, I probably can’t make him.”. . . Speaking of Bad Boys, Sean ”P. Diddy” Combs has signed a first-look production deal with MTV, home to his hit Making the Band series. ”When we [work] together, we hit it out of the park,” boasts Diddy. Upcoming projects include Borrow My Crew, ”a Cinderella-type fantasy for young men and women who borrow their favorite celebrity’s staff and live like a star for three days”; and Run’s House, ”reality TV’s answer to The Cosby Show,” which chronicles ”the life and times of Run from Run-DMC.” Diddy’s also got his eye on the big screen, with a black James Bond-style pic in the works as well as a heist film à la Ocean’s Eleven with ”African- American icons” and ”two token white guys, ’cause usually it’s two token black guys.” Bottom line: ”Diddy’s coming to Hollywood. Save me a parking spot.”