Star Wars: Clone Wars
Credit: Star Wars: Clone Wars: 2005 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

This collection of Star Wars short cartoons is everything the new trilogy needs to be. Devoid of any painfully long Imperial Senate scenes, these animated films — one of which clocks in at five minutes, the other 19 at a mere three minutes or so each — distill George Lucas’ universe to its truly essential elements: amazingly kinetic space battles and grandiose lightsaber duels. Originally aired on the Cartoon Network in 2003 and 2004 — and winner of an Emmy — Star Wars: Clone Wars fills in the holes between Episode II and Episode III (as Lucas says of his films, ”We never actually see the war”). Director Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack), who gives it all a slightly anime feel, delivers minutes on end of almost wordless, pure-action set pieces, making this disc essential viewing for fans.

EXTRAS An Episode IIIRevenge of the Sith trailer is, sadly, the standout. Two featurettes offer little other than animators talking about how ”cool” it is to be working on the project.