By Leah Reisman-Senes
Updated March 08, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST
Keri Russell, Tangi Miller, ...
Credit: FELICITY: Ron Batzdorff

Other than a few ”omigod” moments (Felicity gets horizontal with Noel!) and funny bits (Sean and Meghan form Shmeghan Shirts!), Felicity was losing momentum in its final season. The cast remained stellar — Ian Gomez as flamboyant Javier, Greg Grunberg as incurable inventor Sean — but soapier elements overwhelmed the show’s deft balance of comedy and drama. That is, until The WB reversed Felicity‘s early cancellation, provoking an intriguing premise for more episodes: Felicity travels back in time to find out what would’ve happened if she’d chosen Noel. The radiant Keri Russell displays great comic chops, and it’s a treat to see the Goody Two-shoes blowing off classes, because in the future she’s already graduated. The alternate reality also provides rewarding closure to the series-long debate over Felicity’s rightful soul mate. EXTRAS Savor Gomez and Grunberg’s hilarious commentary; skip the others. Also includes a Museum of Television & Radio panel with the show’s creators, Russell, and former guest star (and Foley’s ex-wife) Jennifer Garner.