What happens after the band breaks up --We take a look at the solo careers of members of Smashing Pumpkins, James, Stone Roses and Dinosaur Jr

What happens after the band breaks up

When your platinum-selling and/or cultishly adored band is no more, what’s a onetime rock star to do? While many have gracefully segued into civilian lives of real estate licensing or pet portraiture— or have simply chosen to loll about in the ever-green fields of royalty payouts — others soldier on as solo artists. See the latest crop below.

JIMMY CHAMBERLIN, the drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins and, later, Zwan.

ALBUM Life Begins Again (as the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, Sanctuary). Hazy, sprawling prog compositions, with aggro guitar freak-outs and NPR-ish jazz noodlings — plus a cameo from the Righteous Brothers’ Bill Medley.

NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE? Ex-Pumpkinhead Billy Corgan lends guest vocals on the mellow ”Loki Cat.”

IAN BROWN, mercurial frontman of the U.K.’s trippy rock kingpins the Stone Roses.

ALBUM Solarized (Koch). Buddy Noel Gallagher Joins in for another round of hemp-soaked rock hoodoo. Kind of silly, but charming in a gorillas-in-the-mysticism way.

NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE? Brown celebrated the album’s completion last summer by resurrecting the Stone Roses’ catalog one last time at a gig in Surrey, England.

LOU BARLOW, former frontman of seminal lo-fi culture-markers Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh (for starters).

ALBUM Emoh (Merge). A gentle, jangly, and pleasingly grown-up collection of contemplative tunes. Bonus points for the acoustic take on Ratt’s 1984 hair-metal hit ”Round-n-Round.”

NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE? Sebadoh-mate Jason Loewenstein gets drum and percussion credits on two tracks.

TIM BOOTH, longtime lead singer of ”Madchester” outfit James; known in the U.S. for their 1993 hit ”Laid.”

ALBUM Bone (Koch). Bald, beatific, and possibly wearing a sarong (though we can’t quite tell from the album cover photo). Booth rolls out endless waves of swooning, ”everything is everything” acid rock.

NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE? No James guest spots or references. But that was, like, many trips ago, man.