Download This -- EW recommends tracks by Common, Jeff Hanson, Summer at Shatter Creek, and They Might Be Giants

By EW Staff
March 07, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

COMMON, the quintessential rapper’s rapper, takes hip-hop back to ”The Corners” it was nurtured on with a little help from Grammy winner Kanye West and the legendary Last Poets. ITUNES.COM

The hushed strumming and sparse arrangements on ”Now We Know” evoke Elliott Smith, but singer-songwriter JEFF HANSON’S high-pitched, fairy-like pipes are truly unique. KILLROCKSTARS.COM

SUMMER AT SHATTER CREEK’S ”Your Ever Changing Moods” layers waves of echo-drenched vocals on top of plaintive piano and guitar. Go from chaotic to calm with one listen. BADMANRECORDINGCO.COM

As a gift to friends of friends, playful popsters THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS wrote a winsome wedding song called ”Love Is Eternity”?complete with lovebirds chirping in the background. THEYMIGHTBEGIANTS.COM