March 03, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

Here’s one way to get yourself cast in a movie opposite Meryl Streep: produce the film yourself. Variety reports that Jennifer Aniston will star opposite Streep in Wanted, a women-in-prison drama being produced by Plan B, the company Aniston shares with sorta-estranged husband Brad Pitt. In the movie, Aniston will play an undercover cop who’s jailed on trumped-up narcotics charges. Her cellmate, to be played by Streep, is a war protester who’s renounced violence. Together, they plan a jailbreak. The screenplay, based on a novel by former undercover cop Kim Wozencraft (Rush), is being written by Sheldon Turner, who knows from prison movies, having adapted Adam Sandler’s forthcoming update of The Longest Yard. No director is on board yet; maybe Aniston can do that too.

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