The Apprentice goes global -- Finally, we thought of one first: Meet six worldly moguls who'll be doling out the ''You're Fired''s in pretty languages

By Whitney Pastorek
Updated February 28, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

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Once upon a time, the U.S. ripped off reality TV from the Brits (Wife Swap and American Idol both had hit U.K. versions before they started cutting into our spare time and social lives). Now, with the Feb. 16 launch of BBC2’s The Apprentice, we’re finally giving something back — and not just to England: At least 12 nations are airing their own takes on the hiring-and-firing spectacular. Meet six new members of the Cobra Club.

U.K. Mogul Sir Alan Sugar Made It Big In Electronics Catchphrase ”You’re fired!” (British accent makes it super haughty.) Trump Comparison Sugar-owned properties include London’s Hard Rock Cafe; Trump gave Melania a $1.5 million engagement rock.

PAN-ARABIC REGION Mogul Mohamed Ali Alabbar Made It Big In Real Estate Catchphrase Show hasn’t started filming yet. Trump Comparison Director general of Dubai’s Department of Economic Development; Trump really likes money.

DENMARK Mogul Klaus Riskaer Pedersen Made It Big In Technology Catchphrase ”Du er fyret!” (”You’re fired!”) Trump Comparison Pedersen’s middle name contains the word risk; Trump loves risk (it might as well be his middle name).

FINLAND Mogul Jari Sarasvuo Made It Big In Television Catchphrase ”Let vapautettu!” (”You’re free to leave!”) Trump Comparison Sarasvuo has experience hosting a talk show; Trump has plenty of experience talking.

GREECE Mogul Petros Kostopoulos Made It Big In Publishing Catchphrase ”Eliges!” (slang for ”You’re out!”) Trump Comparison Kostopoulos’ company, Imako Media, publishes a magazine called Car; Trump takes cars (when the helipad’s tied up).

NORWAY Mogul Inger Ellen Nicolaisen Made It Big In Hairdressing Catchphrase ”Du har sparken!” (”You are fired!”) Trump Comparison Owner and founder of Nikita Hair, with 64 salons in Norway; Trump’s golden comb-over could use her help.

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