Birth (2004)
Cameron Bright, Birth | CHILD'S PLAY Young Sean believes himself to be the reincarnation of neighbor Anna's (Nicole Kidman) dead husband, also named Sean. He appears in Anna's life…
Credit: Birth: Everett Collection
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Why Cameron Bright scares us in ”Birth”

CLASSIFICATION Big-Eyed and Tormented

CHARACTER Sean, a boy who believes himself to be the reincarnation of neighbor Anna’s (Nicole Kidman) dead husband, also named Sean

CHILD’S PLAY Young Sean appears in Anna’s life just as she’s ready to remarry and begins to persuade her that he really is her late husband reborn.

CHILLING MOMENT Prepubescent Sean matter-of-factly takes off his clothes and climbs into the bathtub with Anna.

WHY HE SCARES US At age 11, Bright has made a career out of playing the younger version of adult characters in films and TV movies. In Birth, however, we never meet the adult Sean, so we have to imagine the grim-faced young Bright as Nicole Kidman’s grown-up lover and soulmate. Eww.

WOULD PLAY WELL WITH… Bright’s characters in two other 2004 chillers: the cloned boy in Godsend, and the young version of another adult character in The Butterfly Effect

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  • Jonathan Glazer