Tom Perrotta recommends his favorite book -- The 'Election' and 'Little Children' scribe tells us the book on his must-read list

Tom Perrotta, author of Election and Little Children, recommends Thomas Berger’s Little Big Man (Delta, $16).

Berger is our greatest living comic novelist, and Little Big Man is his masterpiece, an ambitious, hilarious, and deeply subversive novel about Jack Crabb, a man who lives as both a cowboy and an Indian in the Old West. This book does more than simply debunk myths about Manifest Destiny — it reminds us of how limiting our cultural perspectives really are, and how impossibly wide the gulf between Us and Them is, whoever ”we” happen to be. Go ahead and watch the great Arthur Penn movie starring Dustin Hoffman, but make sure you read Berger’s amazing book first.

Little Big Man
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