EW chats with ''One Day at a Time'' star -- Bonnie Franklin talks about the show's reunion special and whether the ''sexy'' Schneider was all that

By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated February 21, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

A divorced mom, a horny handyman, and a rockin’ theme song. Who didn’t dig the 1975-84 sitcom One Day at a Time? Bonnie Franklin, 61, who played no-nonsense mom Ann Romano, reunites with the cast on a CBS special (Feb. 22, 9 p.m.).

It’s been 20 years. Did you feel overdue for a reunion? It was important to talk about what we meant to people. The best of our shows were about something — whether it was parenting, teenage pregnancy, heart disease, or epilepsy.

And the theme song rocked! Really?! Oh, I just think it was the worst.

What about your hair? You can chart the era by the styles — like Carol Brady. I looked like a cocker spaniel! The only one that survived the hair wars was Valerie [Bertinelli, her TV daughter], who had this gorgeous mane. But we weren’t doing fashion. We were in Indianapolis.

Settle a Schneider debate. Hot or not? He thought he was God’s gift, but as far as [Ann] was concerned? Jesus, give me a break! I’ve met women, though, who really think he was sexy.