By EW Staff
Updated February 21, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

Seamlessly wedding blippy electro-pop with hazy guitar theatrics, MOBIUS BAND will surely charm shoegazers and club kids alike with the appropriately titled ”Starts Off With a Bang.” GHOSTLY.COM

The twitchy nuclear paranoia of U2’s ”Seconds” still hits a raw nerve today. For proof, look no further than ROGUE WAVE’s indie-rock rendition of Bono & Co.’s vintage political anthem. ITUNES.COM

Speaking of covers, country-tinged folkie GILLIAN WELCH infuses Radiohead’s somber ”Black Star” with stark honesty on this live acoustic version recorded last year in Minneapolis. GILLIANWELCH.COM

”I drop lines like KRS…with Tourette’s,” spits goofy Nebraska (Nebraska!) MC MARS BLACK as he welcomes you into his ”Bazzaro World.” It’s swooning, string-laden — and strangely alluring. TEAM-LOVE.COM