Jacko plans to call Liz, Kobe as defense witnesses. His lawyer tells potential jurors to expect testimony from Jay Leno, Stevie Wonder, Jackson's own kids, and relatives of Marlon Brando

By Gary Susman
Updated February 14, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

Sure, prosecutors in the Michael Jackson trial have subpoenaed Corey Feldman to testify against his former friend, but when it comes to character witnesses, it’s the defense that is likely to wow the jury with star power. So reports the Associated Press, which said that Jackson attorney Thomas J. Mesereau Jr. disclosed the names on the star-studded defense witness list to potential jurors as jury selection continued on Monday. Among those the singer hopes will testify on his behalf: longtime Jackson pal Elizabeth Taylor, Chris Tucker, magician David Blaine, Jackson mentor Diana Ross, Thriller producer Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, singers Nick and Aaron Carter, Jay Leno, Larry King, and relatives of another Jackson pal, the late Marlon Brando. More curiously, the list included Jackson’s own children Paris and Prince Michael, who would presumably have to appear without veils or Spider-Man masks; 60 Minutes‘ Ed Bradley, who didn’t exactly seem friendly to Jackson when he asked him after his arrest if he still saw nothing wrong with sharing his bed with children; and basketball star Kobe Bryant, whose name on the character witness list must have sent prosecutors into paroxysms of stifled glee. (Was R. Kelly unavailable?) Their witness list includes Feldman, Jackson’s ABC News nemesis Martin Bashir, former wife Debbie Rowe, former Jackson attorney Mark Geragos, Jackson’s current accuser, and his 1993 accuser. No one as famous as Bryant, but then, no one as infamous either.