EW checks in wiht Paul & Jamie Buchman -- Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser talk about ''The Mad About You Collection,'' out on DVD

By EW Staff
Updated February 14, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

The Mad About You Collection

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The Mad About You Collection features Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt’s 21 favorite episodes from their sitcom chronicle of an imperfectly wonderful marriage. Sadly, there’s no commentary from Murray the dog.

For a show filmed in Los Angeles, you pretty much nailed New York.

PR One time we had the special effects team trying to put in a — what do you call it? Not a pothole . . .

HH Manhole.

PR Manhole cover. There’s a certain thickness to the steam that comes out. It was very important that we try to look real.

And the smell that goes along with the steam?

PR That’s hard to get across on TV. But a lot of people actually thought the show was taped in New York, so that’s a good sign.

Everyone also bought your relationship as a couple — but you met only five days before the pilot!

HH People always used to say we had chemistry, and it bugged us. We did have chemistry, but I did a lot of protesting about how that was a character, it wasn’t me. And then not too long ago, I turned to my boyfriend and said, ”You know Mad About You? I was exactly like that, actually.”

What happened to Murray? Do you keep in touch?

PR He doesn’t really pick up the phone, which is sad.

He doesn’t have opposable thumbs.

PR No. Well, he had one, but he ate it.

The Mad About You Collection

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  • 491 minutes