February 14, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST


Diary of a Mad Black Woman Helen (Beloved‘s Kimberly Elise) gets the boot from her husband of 18 years (Bringing Down the House‘s Steve Harris) and ends up taking solace from a pot-smoking old lady (scripter Tyler Perry). Based on Perry’s stage play. (Feb. 25)

Up and Down A comedy from the Czech Republic about a childless couple who consider buying a baby at a pawnshop who may have been left behind by a truckload of illegal immigrants. (Feb. 25)

PLUS In Turtles Can Fly, mine-sweeping children in Kurdistan, one of whom may be clairvoyant, witness tragedy on the eve of the Iraq war…. Beautiful Boxer tells the true story of a Thai transgender kickboxer who started out as a traveling monk…. Gay porn star Colton Ford also attempts a transformation of sorts in Naked Fame, a documentary in which the 40-year-old actor tries to become a singer-songwriter…. In Bigger Than the Sky, a community theater group putting on a production of Cyrano finds its lead star doesn’t seem to have much talent…. Korea’s first major anime film, Sky Blue, features a young soldier in an environmentally destroyed future who encounters her childhood sweetheart leading a rebellion against the eco-dome she guards…. A 23-year-old boy-band star and his 16-year-old brother, himself a budding pop star, go on a camping trip and discover an unseemly attraction toward each other in Harry and Max.


King of the Corner Peter Riegert co-wrote, directs, and stars in this deadpan ensemble comedy about a put-upon man in need of redemption. With Growing Pains‘ Chrissy (Ashley Johnson), Beverly D’Angelo, and Isabella Rossellini. (March 4)

Don’t Move In a sexually explicit drama from Italian director Sergio Castellitto, a doctor in midlife crisis (Castellitto) flashes back to his torrid love affair with the destitute woman (a frumpified Penélope Cruz) he first ”took” by force. (March 11)

In My Country A drama from director John Boorman about an American journalist (Samuel L. Jackson) who meets an Afrikaans poet (Juliette Binoche) while covering 1996’s South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings. (March 11)

Millions The softer side of director Danny Boyle (28 Days Later). Two young brothers conflict when they find a suitcase full of money. One has money-making fantasies; one wants to help the poor. (March 11)

Off the Map Meet the Grodens: There’s mom (Joan Allen), who gardens in the nude; dad (Sam Elliott), whose inner demons are about to surface; and 11-year-old Bo (Valentina de Angelis), who watches as her family comes undone over one painful summer. Directed by Campbell Scott. (March 11)

Steamboy From Akira’s Katsuhiro Otomo comes one of the priciest Japanese anime productions ever. In 19th- century Britain, a young inventor (Anna Paquin providing his male voice) holds the future — or a ”steam ball” — in his hands. Patrick Stewart and Alfred Molina also lend their voices. (March 18)

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