Meet the 20 folks who'll brave bug bites, backstabbing, and near starvation on the 10th installment of ''Survivor''

By Michael Slezak
Updated February 12, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST
Survivor: Palau
Credit: "Survivor: Palau" Full Cast: Monty Brinton/CBS
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Meet the new cast of ”Survivor”

The Palau Islands of the South Pacific are littered with the wreckage of World War II. Soon, though, they’ll also be littered with the spent torches and deflated egos of 19 American reality-show contestants, all of whom will eventually be vanquished by one wily rival during the 10th season of CBS’ Survivor.

The winner of Survivor: Palau will come from a pool of 20 men and women (up from last season’s 18), with an average age of 32. Among them are three lawyers, two cancer survivors, and two former beauty queens. The rules will be different from those in previous Survivor contests: Not only will three castaways leave by the end of the first episode (airing Thursday, Feb. 17, at 8 p.m.); the producers say the game will be shaken to its core in the first 10 minutes.

If you need a little edge prepping for your office Survivor pool — or just want a little background detail to help you figure which castaway is which — check out our player gallery.

Image credit: Coby Archa: Robert Voets/CBS

Coby Archa

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Coby Archa

Voted off April 14, 2005

AGE 32

HOMETOWN Athens, Tex.

OCCUPATION Hairstylist

THE SCOOP The snap-tastic funnyman may supersede Will & Grace‘s Jack as Thursday-night TV’s most popular gay man.

PROS He spent a few months in the slammer as a teen — and was homeless for a while as well — so Survivor living may be a breeze.

CONS The other players may not take to his Queer Eye for the Island Guy persona.

Image credit: Ashlee Ashby: Robert Voets/CBS

Ashlee Ashby

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Ashlee Ashby

Voted off Feb. 24, 2005

AGE 22



THE SCOOP She’s gregarious and flirty (with self-described ”huge humongous breasts”), but she’s also a practicing Mormon and a virgin.

PROS The former swim instructor should ace water-based challenges.

CONS She’s the youngest woman on the island — does she have the life experience to outwit, outplay, and outlast?

Image credit: Gregg Carey: Monty Brinton/CBS

Gregg Carey

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Gregg Carey

Voted off May 5, 2005

AGE 28


OCCUPATION Business consultant

THE SCOOP The former high school and college football star climbed Japan’s Mount Fuji last September.

PROS A high school friend of Carey’s told their local paper that the Survivor contestant was always a favorite with the ladies.

CONS Guys who come off smart and strong early are often viewed as threats.

Image credit: Bobby Jon Drinkard: Monty Brinton/CBS

Bobby Jon Drinkard

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Bobby Jon Drinkard

Voted off April 7, 2005

AGE 27

HOMETOWN Santa Monica, Calif.


THE SCOOP This deeply religious Alabama native was named his state’s most eligible bachelor by Cosmopolitan in 2003.

PROS A newspaper report from Drinkard’s hometown says he’s an experienced hunter and fisherman.

CONS If the guys catch wind of his Cosmo past, he might get laughed off the island.

Image credit: Katie Gallagher: Robert Voets/CBS

Katie Gallagher

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Katie Gallagher

Runner-up May 15, 2005

AGE 29

HOMETOWN Merced, Calif.

OCCUPATION Advertising executive

THE SCOOP Her current job — and her past experience as a camp counselor for at-risk kids — ought to come in handy when she’s pitching alliances to emotionally spent comrades.

PROS Should be able to fake her way out of a jam; after all, Gallagher starred in a local production of A Chorus Line last summer.

CONS She describes herself as funny, but we’ll see if her shackmates agree after a week of typical Survivor living conditions.

Image credit: Carolyn Groedel: Monty Brinton/CBS

Caryn Groedel

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Caryn Groedel

Voted Off May 12, 2005

AGE 46

HOMETOWN Solon, Ohio

OCCUPATION Civil-rights attorney

THE SCOOP This marathon runner and mother of three is ”an exercise fanatic,” her husband told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

PROS Has lost only two jury trials in her career — a pretty good track record if she makes it to Survivor‘s final two.

CONS Will have to withstand 39 days of lawyer jokes.

Image credit: Angie Jakusz: Monty Brinton/CBS

Angie Jakusz

“Survivor: Palau”: Meet Angie Jakusz

Voted off March 16, 2005

AGE 24

HOMETOWN New Orleans


THE SCOOP The chatty Wisconsin native lists heckling — yes, heckling — as one of her favorite hobbies.

PROS Bartenders make good listeners — and pick up dirt on their competitors, too.

CONS Eleven colored tattoos will make it hard for her to lie low.

Image credit: Jolanda Jones: Monty Brinton/CBS

Jolanda Jones

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Jolanda Jones

Voted off Feb. 17, 2005

AGE 39



THE SCOOP The mother of a 13-year-old son, she overcame an intensely tumultuous childhood to become a successful criminal-defense attorney.

PROS Her harsh early years — Jones’ father killed himself in front of her as a young girl — ought to make intra-tribe drama seem inconsequential.

CONS Jones won three NCAA heptathlon championships back in college, and tough jocks often get pegged for early elimination.

Image credit: Stephenie LaGrossa: Robert Voets/CBS

Stephenie LaGrossa

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Stephenie LaGrossa

Voted off April 28, 2005

AGE 25

HOMETOWN Philadelphia

OCCUPATION Pharmaceutical sales rep and part-time bartender

THE SCOOP A Division One lacrosse player in college, LaGrossa was also a member of her high school swimming and field-hockey teams.

PROS Has four older brothers — so she ought to be able to handle the guys…

CONS …but will she thrive living with other women?

Image credit: Jonathan Libby: Robert Voets/CBS

Jonathan Libby

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Jonathan Libby

Eliminated Feb. 17, 2005

AGE 23


OCCUPATION Sales and marketing

THE SCOOP According to his bio, this straight-shootin’ Texan goes fishing, teaches women’s self-defense, and competes in ”full-contact fighting” in his spare time.

PROS Being a cancer survivor, he has already beaten greater odds than his 1 in 20 chance of becoming a Survivor champ.

CONS He’s similar to another handsome, genial Texan — Colby Donaldson — but like Colby, he may lack the killer instinct necessary to seal the deal.

Image credit: Jennifer Lyon: Monty Brinton/CBS

Jennifer Lyon

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Jennifer Lyon

AGE 32

HOMETOWN Encino, Calif.


THE SCOOP The game’s resident ”hot nanny” says she won’t be afraid to flirt her way through Tribal Council.

PROS Spent time camping as a kid.

CONS Would she be better suited to Fox’s Nanny 911?

Image credit: James Miller: Robert Voets/CBS

James Miller

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet James Miller

Voted off March 23, 2005

AGE 33

HOMETOWN Mobile, Ala.

OCCUPATION Steelworker

THE SCOOP This father of four predicts he’ll be the first ”redneck” to return home as Survivor‘s million-dollar baby.

PROS His affable good ol’ boy persona may cause rivals to underestimate him and keep him in the game . . .

CONS . . . but it might start grating on their nerves, too.

Image credit: Kimberly Mullen: Monty Brinton/CBS

Kim Mullen

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Kim Mullen

Eliminated Mar. 10, 2005

AGE 25

HOMETOWN Huber Heights, Ohio

OCCUPATION Graduate student

THE SCOOP The former Miss Ohio refers to herself as a tomboy.

PROS She minored in psychology during college, so she may have an edge in reading her tribemates’ moods.

CONS Her brassy motormouth style could prove polarizing.

Image credit: Ibrehem Rahman: Robert Voets/CBS

Ibrehem Rahman

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Ibrehem Rahman

Voted off March 31, 2005

AGE 27

HOMETOWN Birmingham, Ala.

OCCUPATION Waiter-model

THE SCOOP The former pharmaceutical rep has a low-key charm.

PROS As one of three current or former Alabamans on the island, he could have two built-in allies from the git-go.

CONS Lists ”eating” as one of his hobbies, so maybe he’s come to the wrong reality show.

Image credit: Ian Rosenberger: Monty Brinton/CBS

Ian Rosenberger

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Ian Rosenberger

Voted off May 15, 2005

AGE 23

HOMETOWN Key Largo, Fla.

OCCUPATION Dolphin trainer

THE SCOOP According to a Penn State classmate quoted in their campus paper, Rosenberger is the kind of guy ”everyone falls in love with.”

PROS May be able to entertain his tribemates with dazzling displays of dolphinry.

CONS Natural leaders (Ian was president of his college class) tend to inspire mutinies in the last few weeks.

Image credit: Wanda Shirk: Robert Voets/CBS

Wanda Shirk

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Wanda Shirk

Eliminated Feb. 17, 2005

AGE 55

HOMETOWN Ulysses, Pa.

OCCUPATION English teacher

THE SCOOP This wacky mother of two has also been a foster parent to 25 children and has taken in exchange students from three countries.

PROS Solo-backpacked 85 miles in the Pennsylvania mountains at age 50.

CONS The island’s eldest woman is unlikely to win immunity pitted against the young cubs in the physical challenges.

Image credit: Williard Smith: Monty Brinton/CBS

Willard Smith

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Willard Smith

Voted off March 16, 2005

AGE 57

HOMETOWN Bellevue, Wash.


THE SCOOP Because of a boyhood illness, Smith spent several years in a wheelchair, but he eventually recovered and joined the Marines at 17.

PROS His muscular, trim physique may seem less threatening because of his age.

CONS A smoker, he’ll have to adjust to Survivor living while going through nicotine withdrawal.

Image credit: Janu Tornell: Monty Brinton/CBS

Janu Tornell

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Janu Tornell

Voted off April 21, 2005

AGE 39



THE SCOOP The former beauty queen and cancer survivor is fluent in four languages.

PROS For a lead showgirl who’s performed as often as 12 times per week, endurance won’t be an issue.

CONS The sex-appeal card may not impress the other women.

Image credit: Tom Westman: Monty Brinton/CBS

Tom Westman

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Tom Westman

WINNER! May 15, 2005

AGE 41

HOMETOWN Sayville, N.Y.

OCCUPATION New York City firefighter

THE SCOOP A rugged man’s man, he’s the father of three and an adept scuba diver.

PROS Everybody loves firefighters!

CONS As their numbers dwindle, competitive players tend to vote off those who could win the jury’s sympathy.

Image credit: Jeff Wilson: Monty Brinton/CBS

Jeff Wilson

”Survivor: Palau”: Meet Jeff Wilson

Voted off March 3, 2005

AGE 21

HOMETOWN Ventura, Calif.

OCCUPATION Personal trainer

THE SCOOP The buff youngster has also worked as a welder and a soccer ref.

PROS Hello! He’s a 21-year-old personal trainer — ’nuff said.

CONS The carb-heavy coconut diet could prove his undoing.

Survivor: Palau

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