By Neil Drumming
Updated February 07, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

THE PEOPLE British deejay legends the Chemical Brothers (Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons).

THE PLACE Table 50 in New York City.

THE REASON To blatantly shill the duo’s newest album — Push the Button — over one giant, fiery libation.

A waitress brings over a thick red drink and sets it on fire.

ES Smells like menthol. What’s in this?

TR It’s just sambuca with a cherry in it. That’s a lot. Usually sambuca comes only in the smallest amounts.

L2T takes a taste.

TR That’s a bit strong, isn’t it.

L2T Tastes like hot syrup.

ES That’s quite a lot of sambuca to drink.

TR [Switching gears] In Japan they always end the interview with ”Have you got a message for your Japanese fans?” It’s nice. I really wish I had a message worked out. It’s something we’ve been asked a lot of times, and by now, if we had a more professional approach… Probably, other artists have someone who writes it down and hands it to them, ”This is your message.”

L2T You could say what most rappers say, ”Buy the album.”

ES That’s a good message.

TR That’s the subtext of most of these interviews: ”Please buy my record.” We should work on that.