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By EW Staff
Updated February 07, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

Not Quite ‘Bewitched’

Perhaps I am a television purist, but as someone who grew up watching reruns of Bewitched, I have no desire to see this movie, no matter how much I like Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. I don’t understand why Hollywood cannot come up with something new instead of big-screen versions of old TV shows like Scooby-Doo, Charlie’s Angels, and The Dukes of Hazzard. If you can’t improve upon the original, don’t mess with it.


Alvadore, Ore.

And the Forecast Is…

The 2005 Forecast Issue was great, but where was Serenity? Fans of sci-fi and Joss Whedon are anxiously awaiting this movie based on the TV series Firefly. The release date was moved to September. EW could have thrown us a bone!


dianebb@earthlink.net Silver Spring, Md.

Which member of the Rolling Stones will Johnny Depp play next? He did such a great job of channeling Keith in Pirates of the Caribbean, and now he’s doing Brian Jones in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Mick seems too obvious; I’m holding out for a Charlie Watts tribute on the next one.



Sparks, Nev.

Lucky Star

I take issue with what Rod Aissa, the producer of Ashlee Simpson’s MTV reality show, said in your magazine (”High Anxiety,” News & Notes). Claiming that it’s unfair for the public to be outraged by Simpson’s Orange Bowl performance is off base. What’s unfair is that people like Simpson are overpaid and have a job because of who their sister is. Finally, people are asking ”Why is she a star?”



Waco, Tex.

State of ‘Grace’

Congratulations to Mark Harris for an astute critique of the shambles that is known as Will & Grace (Television). As a loyal viewer who endures the scorn of friends who bailed on the show as far back as the ”Will and Grace make a baby” arc, I have been dismayed by the deterioration of the show and, in particular, of my favorite character, Will Truman. Here’s hoping that the producing and writing staff will read Harris’ essay and make changes that can bring the show back to the glory years of its first three seasons.



Charlotte, N.C.

Sound Advice

I enjoyed David Browne’s article offering artists musical advice (Music). However, I find it interesting that he and I can listen to Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged set and hear completely different music. Where he hears ”underdeveloped” and ”interminable,” I hear raw and thought-provoking. I was reminded of what I love about creative expression — it is what it is in the eyes of each person.



Broomfield, Colo.

Wolfe Pack

For Stephen King to criticize Tom Wolfe for ”wooden characters” in I Am Charlotte Simmons misses the point (”Crying Wolfe”). The novel criticizes college students by showing Charlotte devolve from an individual with personal ambitions to a vacant and, yes, wooden young woman who eschews individuality in favor of social approval. That she becomes wooden at the end is precisely the point. As a recent graduate of a school not unlike Dupont, I can say this is a devastatingly accurate criticism, for which Wolfe should be applauded.