''Superman'' finds its Jimmy Olsen. It's ''Jungle 2 Jungle'' and ''Detroit Rock City'' star Sam Huntington, who joins recent cast additions Hugh Laurie and James Marsden
Sam Huntington
Credit: Sam Huntington: Donato Sardella/WireImage

With only a month to go before Bryan Singer starts shooting his Superman movie in Sydney, Warner Bros. is still busy filling jobs at the Daily Planet. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the most recent hire is the film’s Jimmy Olsen. Playing the cub reporter who tags along with Clark Kent and Lois Lane will be Sam Huntington, the now-grown teen actor best remembered for his starring role as Tim Allen’s raised-in-the-wild son in Jungle 2 Jungle. (He also starred in Detroit Rock City and Not Another Teen Movie.) Huntington joins such recent additions as Hugh Laurie (Fox TV’s House) as Daily Planet editor Perry White and James Marsden (who played Cyclops in Singer’s X-Men movies) as Perry’s son Richard, a rival to Clark Kent for Lois’ affections. Kate Bosworth is still expected to play Lois, though her deal is still in negotiations, according to the Reporter, while her Beyond the Sea costar Kevin Spacey will play Superman nemesis Lex Luthor. Superman himself, of course, is being played by soap actor Brandon Routh. The long-gestating film is expected to fly into theaters in summer 2006.

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