Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
Updated January 24, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

Best in Show?

As a charter subscriber, I am disappointed at your gradual creep to the left. Who exactly was Jon Stewart entertaining this year, other than your magazine staff and buddies on the New York cocktail-party circuit? We ”flyovers” find him vicious, one-sided, and borderline treasonous. Want an entertaining political analyst who actually appeals to a wide audience? Flip from Comedy Central to cable channel Fox and check out Bill O’Reilly. While Stewart, Maher, Franken, and the rest of their bitter, cynical, atheistic club spew partisan hate and ridicule, fair and balanced Bill is looking out for the rest of us. Have another Manhattan and pick a less divisive guy next year.



Carrollton, Tex.

Upon seeing another traveler in the airport walk past with the Best of 2004 issue, I remarked to my companion, ”I can’t wait to get home and read that! My favorite part is their list of the best quotes of the year!” Imagine my horror when I arrived home after stressful holiday travel to find the issue had no list of quotes. After reading the issue cover to cover, I had to flip back through a couple of times to see if I’d skipped that section. No quotes?! Bring back the quotes!!



Medford, Mass.

As a faithful reader and subscriber, I have seldom found fault with EW. But you failed to include Madonna in your Entertainers of the Year list in issue #799/800, picking Prince instead. Not only did Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour make more money than any other in 2004, she also published successful children’s books. I understand that some might think that Madonna is reaching, but here’s a theory: Could it be that some people just can’t stand that Madonna has been at the top of her game, despite her ups and downs, since she first got into the groove? MARTIN HARO


Miami Beach

I always enjoy your ”best of” issue, and #799/800 was no exception. I especially want to comment on the top 10 television shows. I agreed with many of the choices on that list. I think it’s a sad comment on the TV viewers of this country when Scrubs and Arrested Development are not in the top 25 shows each week, but time wasters like Everybody Loves Raymond, According to Jim, and (God help us!) Nick & Jessica specials are. Arrested Development is the best-written comedy in years! Get with it, America!



Spokane, Wash.

The Music Man

Reading through your year-end issue, I was glad to see so many nice remembrances of the artists we lost this past year, but I was disappointed that composer Jerry Goldsmith was relegated to a sidebar. Modern orchestral film music owes Goldsmith a great debt; before him, many film scores tended to simply describe the emotions on screen, but his music actually helped create them. Jerry was one of the leading figures in film music for decades and remained quite productive nearly until the very end. He was an enormous, irreplaceable talent.