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By Michelle Kung
Updated January 24, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

Not all overachievers are created equal. Take workaholic Ben Stiller, who raked it in last year with six films (from Dodgeball to Meet the Fockers). Then there’s Jude Law, also ubiquitous in 2004. But raking it in? Not so much. In 2005, a few faces will become very familiar. Here, who will benefit from the exposure and who risks being overexposed.


The Coach Carter star plays Ice Cube’s boss in XXX: State of the Union, Mace Windu in Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith, a journalist in In My Country, and Eugene Levy’s nemesis in The Man. TOO MUCH? Kinda. But he’s Sam Jackson, damn it!


In addition to reprising Obi-Wan in Star Wars, he’s a clone in Michael Bay’s The Island, tracks a suicidal patient in Stay, and lends his brogue to animated films Robots and Valiant. TOO MUCH? Nah. Sith will be huge, Bay gets hype, but voice roles don’t really count.


He balances drama in Winter Passing with high jinks in the Bewitched and Producers remakes, the kid’s soccer comedy Kicking & Screaming, Woody Allen’s Melinda and Melinda, and Wedding Crashers. TOO MUCH? We love you, Will, but…hell yeah!


Indie roles in the military drama Jarhead, Proof, Ang Lee’s cowboy epic Brokeback Mountain, and a bit part in Jiminy Glick in Lalawood. TOO MUCH? Not enough, thanks to a smart balancing of art-house projects and more mainstream fare.