EW's picks for good and bad radio songs -- We recommend singles by Snoop Dogg and J. Lo, but not by Jet

By Raymond Fiore
Updated January 17, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST


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EW’s picks for good and bad radio songs

[Radio play]

SNOOP DOGG ”Let’s Get Blown”
At last, Snoop sings! (Yes, that’s really him on the verses.) Coming off the monster hit ”Drop It Like It’s Hot,” Snoop continues his fruitful pairing with the Neptunes on this delicious slice of ’80s electro-funk. Pimp Juice not included. A-

From the hypnotic, saxophone-laced opening riff, it’s clear that Jenny has moved to a block inhabited by real musicians. Props to Rich Harrison (who produced Beyoncé’s ”Crazy in Love”) for taking the Bronx-born diva from J. Lo to the J.B.’s. B+

[Radio pause]

JET ”Look What You’ve Done”
We loved the Australians’ hard-stompin’ ditty from the iPod commercial. But on their latest single, they get mired in a yawn pit of sensitive mush that comes off like a second-rate Beatles impersonation. Liam Gallagher would not approve. C

JESSE McCARTNEY ”Beautiful Soul”
It’s pretty frightening when a song reveals its primary influence to be doofy ’90s boy-band king Nick Carter. And like Paris’ ex, this 17-year-old whines like a lovesick puppy. ”Beautiful” pops, but it’s got no soul. C-

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