EW talks to Faye Dunaway about ''The Starlet'' -- The Oscar-nominated actress discusses her role as judge on the reality talent competition

By EW Staff
Updated January 17, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

The search for America’s Next Top Actress begins! This WB show co-produced by Jamie Kennedy has a house full of former waitresses and a judging panel of insiders: actress Vivica A. Fox, casting director Joseph Middleton, and onetime starlet Faye Dunaway. We chatted with Mommie Dearest about Kennedy’s latest experiment.

EW Why do the show?

DUNAWAY One can’t ignore what my friend Donald [Trump] has done. There’s a fan base out there I’d like to reach, because I’m producing, writing, and directing my first feature.

EW Would you hire someone from reality TV?

DUNAWAY That wouldn’t stop me. Steve McQueen started in television. This is about who will be the next Julia Roberts…who will walk up and take an Oscar someday.

EW Is there a reality show that you were a fan of coming into this?

DUNAWAY There’s an American Idol parallel, I think. The model parallel is there…. I think she did a nice job, Tyra Banks.

EW So, are you more of a Simon or a Tyra?

DUNAWAY Oh, I have no idea. I don’t watch those shows very much.

EW Do you think you’re scary, or more of a nurtur—

DUNAWAY No, I don’t, next question.

EW What’s the feature that you’re working on?

DUNAWAY I really don’t feel I want to speak anymore about it right now.

EW That’s fine. I really appreciate you giv—

[Dunaway hangs up. Huh. Guess that means she’s more of a Simon.]