EW grades ''Alias'' fashions -- Here's what we think of the stylish duds agent Sydney Bristow wears on spy missions

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated January 17, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

EW grades ”Alias” fashions

With Alias back and our fave fashion-plate agent Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) going even deeper undercover this season, we’ve already learned one important spy-wardrobe secret: The dress code at a super-underground spy operation is business casual. ”We’re not doing the suited CIA look,” costume designer Laura Goldsmith says. And, of course, though Goldsmith doesn’t have the clearance to reveal upcoming Alias looks, she promises as much mixing and matching as ever on future missions. A few key looks from the season premiere.


Garner’s looking better than ever as just plain Sydney. The sideswept bangs, the soft knits, the occasional smart-girl glasses, and the simply chic dresses are understated yet fabulous. ”We’re seeing her more at home now, too, which means C&C T-shirts and jeans,” Goldsmith says. ”And Frye boots are great for casual looks — and for stunts.” A


What’s better than a clingy white Miss Sixty sweater and miniskirt on Garner’s supertoned bod? The white La Perla baby-doll nightie she changed into to seduce a bumbling chemist. ”It was perfect for her to flirt and have fun with,” Goldsmith says. Extra points for pulling off the Swedish-ditz accent — and that unforgiving platinum bob wig. A-


The knotted-up white blouse and the plaid micromini are a little too Britney Spears for us, but we’ll give Syd a break, considering how many times she’s had to do the edgy-foreign-dance-club scene. ”Sometimes it’s like, ‘Let’s [just] play tennis, please,”’ Goldsmith says. ”Who would look cuter in whites than Sydney Bristow?” C+