By David Marc Fischer
Updated January 10, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

A wager between God (James Garner) and the devil (Alan Cumming) rests the fate of the world on the shoulders of autoworker Bob (French Stewart) in this controversial animated series, quickly decried by religious activists and shelved by NBC after only four episodes. This two-disc set finally brings all 13 installments to light, revealing the show’s other problem: The series can be preachy and predictable, despite sprinklings of sly wit and a solid cast that also features the talents of Laurie Metcalf and Nancy Cartwright, plus lively cameos from Elizabeth Taylor, Kevin Bacon, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

EXTRAS Character interviews; producer commentaries; and a documentary, including a rueful discussion about how the show wasn’t any more subversive than the successfully mainstream Joan of Arcadia, and didn’t begin to reveal its full potential until its 11th episode. It’s true: Given more room to develop, God, the Devil and Bob might well have grown into a divine comedy.