this week with...Pauly Shore

By Dan Snierson
Updated January 10, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

Don’t be alarmed. Okay, be slightly alarmed. Pauly Shore is here, finally ready to atone for his pop-culture sins. The erstwhile MTV stoner-slacker comedian — who gave us a string of ’90s dumb-and-dumber flicks like Encino Man, Son-in-Law, and Bio-Dome — seeks the spotlight again with a ”self-mockumentary” DVD movie (out Jan. 25), Pauly Shore Is Dead, in which he fakes his own death to earn the respect he’s always craved. Perhaps he can earn it the old-fashioned way — with a bunch of Stupid Questions.

Your comeback begins now. You’ve got one chance to win us over with your best joke.

Umm… ”Knock knock.” ”Who’s there?” ”Pauly.” ”Pauly who?” ”Exactly.”

On one movie website, it says your ”lunacy was dismissed as crude, dumb and, for the most part, unfunny.” That seems a bit harsh. How do you think your lunacy should have been dismissed?

I’m kind of like ice cream. Sometimes you like Rocky Road, sometimes you like mint chip. I was that bad sherbert in the corner of 31 flavors with the M&M’s and the nuts. People were looking at me like, ”Jesus Christ, who’s gonna f—ing eat that?”

Your new movie features impressive cameos, including Ben Stiller, Britney Spears, Dr. Dre, and Sean Penn. Was this easier than having them stage a benefit concert for you?

Trying to get all the celebrities to meet at one place would probably be impossible. On this, I would just hunt ’em down and [they’d be] like, ”Pauly’s at the door. S—, where do we go? There’s no way out!”

Carrot Top also makes an appearance, buying your house and kicking you out of it. When is the Carrot Top Is Dead sequel coming out?

It’d better be pretty soon. He’d always do what I do after I did it anyway, so this will be good. Like, first I had the hair and then he had the hair.

So, he’s trying to steal your… un-heat?


You coined such popular catchphrases as ”Heeey, buddd-ee!” What new catchphrases are you workshopping at the Shore Comedy Labs?

”Dean” is a big thing. I just randomly scream out ”Dean”: Deeeeaaaan! What other ones? I don’t know. I mean, ”Dean” is the only one.

What’s harder — sitting through jury duty or sitting through Jury Duty?

Definitely my movie. I think doctors are prescribing Jury Duty instead of Ambien for people that need to get some rest. You sleep hard, too. And it’s only three dollars.

You won a 1999 Razzie for Worst New Star of the Decade, edging out Jar Jar Binks and Dennis Rodman. Were you shocked? Honored? Disoriented? Aroused?

I think that’s when I came up with my movie about killing myself.

When you’re nominated for a Razzie, do you want to win?

I think it would’ve been cool to win.

But you did win.

I did win? I didn’t even know that. I should do a speech right now.


”I want to thank all the people whose skin I got under like a rash. I want to thank, uh — that’s enough. Good night, ladies and gentlemen!”