Meet the new cast of ''The Surreal Life.'' Former ''America's Next Top Model'' winner Adrianne Curry dishes the dirt on the other B-list housemates, including a Brady, a Go-Go, and Mini-Me

By Lisa Costantini
Updated January 07, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST
Da Brat, Jane Wiedlin, ...

When casting for the fourth season of The Surreal Life (debuts Jan. 9, 9 p.m.), VH1 made sure to pick people who were outspoken, racy, and, most important, not recovering alcoholics. Living in the house with the two margarita machines and three bars were (clockwise from top left) model Marcus Schenkenberg, Christopher ”Peter Brady” Knight, former pro wrestler Joanie ”Chyna” Laurer, Go-Go’s guitarist Jane Wiedlin, Verne ”Mini-Me” Troyer, rapper Da Brat, and Adrianne Curry (winner of the first season of America’s Next Top Model). asked Curry to dish on her roommates and the season that she described as ”lewd, crude, and in the nude.”

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Shantae Harris (a.k.a. Da Brat)

AGE 30

WHO? Notorious hip-hop artist

CAREER HIGH POINT Went platinum with 1994’s Funkdafied

FUN (?) FACT Appeared as a backup dancer alongside Mariah Carey in the 2001 box office flop Glitter

‘SURREAL’ MOMENTS Wants to move out of the house when she sees she’s living with a former Brady. Moves on-again/off-again Go-Go Wiedlin to tears. Moves to the couch because former wrestler Laurer ”was snoring so damn loud you woulda thought Chewbacca from Star Wars was in our room.”

‘SURREAL’ QUOTE ”I told my manager I didn’t want to be in the house with any has-been people.”

ADRIANNE SAYS ”Brat’s from my town [Joliet, Ill.], so we felt a little J-town connection from the beginning. It’s not the nicest of towns. I’m glad I wasn’t in her firing scope, if you know what I’m saying.”

Image credit: Christopher Knight: Chris Mainz/GettyImages/VH1

Christopher Knight

AGE 47

WHO? Played Peter on The Brady Bunch

CAREER HIGH POINT The Brady Bunch, which has been in syndication since 1977

FUN (?) FACT He receives no residual checks.

‘SURREAL’ MOMENTS Doesn’t want to be the house parent but settles a dispute between Joanie Laurer and Verne Troyer when the former wrestler takes over the miniature single room designed for Verne. Carries Verne to bed after he’s had too much to drink. Takes Verne back to bed after Da Brat finds him on his scooter naked and drunk peeing in the corner.

‘SURREAL’ QUOTE ”It all resolved itself, like a freakin’ Brady episode.”

ADRIANNE SAYS ”Christopher is sooo cute. I have a huge, huge crush on him and he’s one year older than my mother. The second he took off his shirt, he gave Marcus competition.”

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Jane Wiedlin

AGE 46

WHO? Member of the ’80s rock band the Go-Go’s

CAREER HIGH POINT The Go-Go’s were America’s first all-girl New Wave band to rule the pop charts; their 1981 debut album, Beauty & the Beat, went double platinum.

FUN (?) FACT Left the Go-Go’s in order to go solo because ”I thought I was hot sh–. That probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

‘SURREAL’ MOMENTS Pitches a crying fit when the roommates go camping and are asked to brand cows. Hosts an S&M party.

‘SURREAL’ QUOTE When Adrianne Curry asks if they’re going to go swimming naked, Wiedlin replies, ”I will if you will. Of course I’m not a model.”

ADRIANNE SAYS ”Her age didn’t even hit me until after the first week. She looks damn good for her age. I said we were separated at birth. She said, ‘Only I was born in the 1800s.”’

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Marcus Schenkenberg

AGE 36

WHO? Swedish model

CAREER HIGH POINT Considered by some to be the first male supermodel, he landed a 116-page advertisement for Calvin Klein that ran in Vanity Fair; he was later named one of People‘s 50 Most Beautiful People in 1992.

FUN (?) FACT Has been linked to Pamela Anderson and Britney Spears

‘SURREAL’ MOMENTS Sits quietly by as Adrianne Curry and Jane Wiedlin go skinny-dipping. Sits quietly by as Christopher Knight deals with a drunken Verne Troyer outside their room. Sits quietly by as the roommates eat sushi off a naked Adrianne Curry.

‘SURREAL’ QUOTE ”You got some big arms, Chris…. You work out or something?… Every day?… Really?… We’ll work out tomorrow…. Did you work out today?”

ADRIANNE SAYS ”Yum! But nothing happened between he and I. We’re like brother and sister, besides the occasional leg humping he would give me here and there. [The women] liked to observe him on the treadmill. We’d eat popcorn and watch him while we drank.”

Image credit: Chyna Doll: Chris Mainz/GettyImages/VH1

Joanie Laurer (a.k.a. Chyna)

AGE 35

WHO? Former wrestler for the WWE

CAREER HIGH POINT Reportedly earned a million dollars to pose for Playboy; her autobiography, If They Only Knew, was a best-seller.

FUN (?) FACT Recently began singing with her band, the Chyna Dolls

‘SURREAL’ MOMENTS Shows up sporting dreads, a bikini with a nameplate belt, a fur-lined trench coat, a fur hat, and clear stilettos. Measures her biceps with a tape measure. Uses a ThighMaster on her chest and biceps. Breaks into the pantry. Breaks into Verne Troyer’s room.

‘SURREAL’ QUOTE ”I want to meet other celebrities and really spend time with them. I want to see if they’re just like me or if I really am just f—in’ crazy.”

ADRIANNE SAYS ”I actually was a little intimidated when I saw her, ’cause I was like, ‘Here we go, some chick that’s going to kick my a– if I don’t give her her way,’ but she’s actually a little pussycat.”

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Verne Troyer

AGE 36

WHO? Austin Powers‘ Mini-Me

CAREER HIGH POINT His films have grossed more than a billion dollars.

FUN (?) FACT He’s 2’8” tall.

‘SURREAL’ MOMENTS Kisses Joanie Laurer’s a–, literally. Jane Wiedlin whoops his a–, literally. Bets his a–, literally, and has to drop his pants after Adrianne Curry drops hers.

‘SURREAL’ QUOTE When he learns that former wrestler Laurer took his room, he grumbles, ”I’m going to be an angry dwarf.”

ADRIANNE SAYS ”Verne wasn’t always a team player, but he’s the biggest pervert, so I was the one that had to take one for the team and coax him out of his room with a little bit of cleavage or a flash of some leg and be like, ‘Come on, Verne.”’

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Adrianne Curry

AGE 22

WHO? Winner of America’s Next Top Model, season 1

CAREER HIGH POINT As part of her Top Model prize, she won a six-page photo spread in Marie Claire magazine.

FUN (?) FACT Dropped out of high school during her junior year, was addicted to drugs, put herself in rehab, and has been clean for three years

‘SURREAL’ MOMENTS Wrestles with a wrestler. Goes skinny dipping with a Go-Go. Falls in love with a Brady.

‘SURREAL’ QUOTE ”I’m definitely not going to pass on the opportunity to skinny-dip with a Go-Go. That was probably a lot of people’s dreams at one time.”

ADRIANNE SAYS ”I question my sanity at times. I don’t think anybody there was sane in any sense of the word. We all said we left with our one last shred of dignity.”

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