How Britney's keeping busy during her ''break'' -- The songstress says she's spending her hiatus toiling away at film, music, and video projects

By Michael Slezak
Updated January 04, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST
Britney Spears: Tammie Arroyo/AP

Somebody had better teach Britney Spears how to take a vacation. Less than three months after announcing her intention to ”take some time off to enjoy life,” Spears has revealed in her latest letter to fans that she’s been busy working on a script for a musical called Hollywood, a critique of celebrity culture which she eventually hopes to direct. The pop tart got some valuable behind-the-camera experience by codirecting the video for her new single ”Do Somethin”’ alongside lenser Bille Woodruff (Honey).

”I feel like being behind the camera is sometimes more satisfying than being in front of it,” Spears wrote to fans on her website. ”We shot the entire video in a record breaking 5 hours. I even came up with all the choreography and styled the entire shoot myself using Juicy Couture clothing.”

As if Spears’ holiday weren’t hectic enough, reports that she is in the ”very early” stages of recording a new CD with the working title The Original Doll; the recent bride debuted the rough cut of a track called ”Mona Lisa” last Thursday on Los Angeles station KIIS-FM and said she is hoping to release the CD before summer.

The flurry of career activity prompted Spears to clarify her definition of the word break: ”What I meant was I am taking a break from being told what to do,” Spears explained on her site. ”True Masters say it’s cool when you look at someone and don’t know whether they are at work or play since it’s all the same to them. The things I’ve been doing for work lately have been so much fun, because it’s not like work to me anymore.”