December 20, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

On ABC’s Cupid, Jeremy Piven played Trevor Hale, a man who claimed to be the title character, banished from Mount Olympus until he completed 100 bow-and-arrow-free love connections. The network clipped Cupid‘s wings in 1999 (just in time for Valentine’s Day — ouch!), but exec producer Rob Thomas, who went on to create UPN’s Veronica Mars, reveals what might have been.

Where We Left Off Trevor was under the care of Chicago psychiatrist Claire (Paula Marshall), a counselor for a singles support group.

What Would Have Happened Claire and Trevor become his lucky 100th match, with Trevor believing that he’s giving up his immortality to be with her. Eventually, she loses her practice because of the affair, and as the series ends, we’re left to decide for ourselves whether Trevor actually was Cupid. ”I would have never disproved it,” Thomas says, ”but I always wrote it as though he weren’t.”

You Nearly Got Me The day Cupid was canceled, Thomas was going to offer Ray Davies a guest spot as a musician who’d spent five years searching for a woman he watched board a plane from London to Chicago. ”I’m a huge Kinks fan. That killed me. Killed me.” Hmm, karma?

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