Liberation Road

Rabbi Ben Kahn, a U.S. Army chaplain, stalks the battlefields of France comforting wounded GIs but hemorrhaging faith. White Dog, a deserter-turned-black marketeer, hustles all sides for cash in occupied Paris. Sgt. Joe Amos Biggs, an African-American truck driver, struggles to prove himself the equal of any white man in the Army. Their stories run parallel, and then collide dramatically in Liberation Road, which conjures war’s terror as well as its tedium. ”Coffee poured everywhere, the liquid admission of fatigue,” David L. Robbins writes of a rare moment of down-time. He packs in accurate detail (troop movements, unit history, military slang) while exploring an aspect of WWII most writers (and filmmakers) ignore: segregation in the U.S. military. But this is just one thread of an ambitious novel peopled with compelling characters — white, black, Jew, Gentile. Human.

Liberation Road
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