By EW Staff
Updated December 20, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

With tentacles flailing, THE OCTOPUS PROJECT, purveyors of 23rd-century dance rock, offer an exclusive live version of the ecstatic ”Music Is Happiness.” THE OCTOPUSPROJECT.COM/MP3S.HTML

QUASIMOTO keeps the grooves deep on ”Broad Factor,” a preview of the upcoming album from the trippy, helium-voiced alter ego of eccentric West Coast producer Madlib. STONESTHROW.COM

The title ”Bring On Happiness” may give you the idea that L’ALTRA are going on a Polyphonic Spree. But the beautifully melancholic act is mournful as ever on this song from its upcoming CD. HEFTYRECORDS.COM

With their unkempt look and frayed indie rock, AMBULANCE LTD could easily earn ”Straight A’s” in Hipology 101. This reverb-drenched rarity captures the band at its dreamiest. AMBULANCENYC.COM/STRAIGHTAS/