Why does Gwen Stefani have a harem? -- EW gives you the scoop behind the No Doubt singer's stylish entourage

By Raymond Fiore
December 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

What’s with that harem of Japanese chicks following Gwen Stefani everywhere she goes? They’re Harajuku girls, part of a schoolgirl subculture (named after a Tokyo shopping district), and now, apparently, Stefani’s muses. She mentions them on ”What You Waiting For?,” the new single from her solo CD Love. Angel. Music. Baby., and they’re all over the video. They even have a song devoted to them (called, yes, ”Harajuku Girls”). The girls dress up like futuristic comic-book heroines in high-fashion-meets-punk getups?knee-high boots, cutesy minidresses, extreme makeup?heaven for a budding designer like Stefani. And they make a wicked stylish entourage. A