December 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

AGE 34 HOMETOWN Beckley, W.Va. HIS BREAKOUT MOMENT Taking home Sundance’s Best Director prize last January for Super Size Me,a provocative documentary chronicling the NYU graduate’s 30-day McDonald’s diet. The film grossed $11.5 million at the box office and sold more than a million DVDs. LESSONS LEARNED FROM TOILING IN OBSCURITY Keep your friends close. ”As all this insanity goes on — there are so many people calling me — it’s important to have people who love you for you.” BON APPÉTIT! Spurlock still indulges in the occasional burger, but never at fast-food chains. Other dietary adjustments? ”Everybody wants to feed me well now,” laughs the doc maker, currently on a speaking tour. ”Most of the colleges [I visit], they take me out to dinner to these schmancy places. But the bad thing is, now everybody’s watching. They’re like, ‘What’s he eatin’ over there?”’ WHAT’S NEXT Don’t Eat This Book, about the making of Super Size Me, due out this spring; 30 Days, a documentary series for FX; and a black comedy he’s writing for the big screen.

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