December 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

So yes, it was our fault, we admit it. When Conrad Keely, lead singer of Austin noise rockers …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, yelled from the stage at Brooklyn’s North Six club, ”They told us to get drunk, so we did,” well, that was us. ”They.” And, we guess, in some small way, when he and his four bandmates proceeded to smash nearly every piece of equipment they had during their flawfully beautiful set because they were drunk, well, we did pick up the tab for all those drinks at the Tainted Lady Lounge just before the show. But we thought (we’re so naive!) that it would end here, like this, just talking about their upcoming album (due Jan. 25), Worlds Apart.


Ass and You Shall Receive

L2T (Bud)
What’s with the Pernod and soda water?

Jason Reece (drums, vocals; Pernod and soda)
It’s just highly addictive. Somehow it goes down well and makes you feel refreshed.

Danny Wood (bass; Pernod and soda)
[To L2T] Here, have a drink.

This is good.

Conrad Keely (vocals, guitar, piano; Pernod and soda)
It helps to cure tour runs.

Kevin Allen (guitar; Pernod and soda)
When the tummy is a little upset, it helps settle the stomach.

We had some raw anise [the medicinal flavor in Pernod] out of the ground. Have you ever had raw anise? [The entire band dissolves into Beavis and Butt-head-type laughter.] Raw anise tastes like licorice.

We like that anise.

Keely Let’s get another round, man!


Southern Comfort

Donny Schroeder (drums; Johnny Walker Blue on the rocks)
Johnny Walker Blue is really good stuff.

Keely (Pernod and soda)
I’ve never read the word f— in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. Can we use it?

L2T (Bud)
I’m not going to say you should talk like you’re at your grandmother’s house.

You’ve never been to my grandmother’s house.

Well, what’s a Texas grandmother like?

Wood (Pernod and soda)
She has a shotgun?

F—ing awesome.

Allen (Pernod and soda
) Mine used to get really depressed if you didn’t eat everything on your plate. ”You don’t like my cooking? What the f— is wrong with you? What’s wrong with me?”

A Southern grandmother in general owns tons of knickknacks, right? Little tiny trinkets to fill the home.

In jars and preserved.

Reece (Stoli and Red Bull)
My grandmother preserved everything.

Pickle every f—ing thing. Eyeballs, testicles…testicles.

Her dog died and she pickled it….

The uncle who died at birth…


Studying Abroad

Keely (Pernod and soda)
We got into a huge barroom brawl along with [former Five Rounds subjects] Elbow in Manchester. We all got the s— beat out of us. It was ugly. They had brass knuckles and pipes.

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