Family lessons from ''Wife Swap'' -- Here are the surprising things we've learned from the spouse-trading reality series

By EW Staff
Updated December 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

In honor of its 11 episodes this fall (the last airs Dec. 15), we present 11 lessons from ABC’s strangely satisfying Wife Swap. Get your hankies.

1. Very few people in this country can cook.

2. No matter how they’re raised, kids love candy.

3. And TV.

4. And everyone loves leather pants.

5. Folks who fly the Confederate flag outside their house are unlikely to stop doing that just because you ask nicely.

6. Teenagers = difficult.

7. Chauvinism is alive and well.

8. Being a medical transcriptionist can bring a man to tears.

9. Small children are fascinated by tattoos.

10. Skinny people have fewer emotions than fat people, but if you give them a cat, that will change.

11. Housework sucks.