December 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

There have been plenty of reasons to watch UPN’s third installment of America’s Next Top Model: the brownie massacre, the eating disorder kerfuffle, Janice ”Did she really just say that?” Dickinson. But all good catfights must come to an end. By the time you read this, it’ll be down to three — one of whom will sashay her way to a modeling contract on the Dec. 15 season finale.


Why she’ll win She’s got attitude and poise, and she always delivers (the tarantula shoot, anyone?).

Why she won’t win Her diva ways have made her the group outcast. And at 5’7” she’s a few inches short of prime catwalk material.

Second opinion ”Her personality pops beyond the crowd,” says judge Jay Manuel. ”And she’s got drive.”

ODDS: 3-1


Why she’ll win She’s the most photogenic of the bunch, drawing frequent praise from Banks for her ”fierce” photos.

Why she won’t win She lacks a strong off-camera personality and seems lukewarm about her chosen profession.

Second opinion ”Her eyes are so captivating, and she just has beautiful skin and smile,” says Manuel. ”She leaps off the page.”

ODDS: 5-1


Why she’ll win She’s won practically every competition up to this point, thanks to her dance training, worldliness, and self-confidence.

Why she won’t win Her arrogance turns off host Tyra Banks. And she has a bit of an acne problem.

Second opinion ”Yaya just has a grace that looks effortless,” says Manuel. ”And that’s what you want to see in a top model.”

ODDS: 10-1


Why she’ll win She’s the most conventionally beautiful, and her athletic figure would look perfect on the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

Why she won’t win For all her beauty, she lacks magnetism.

Second opinion ”She has an incredibly toned body that’s in perfect balance,” says Manuel. ”All her proportions are incredible. She has all the assets that you want in the total package.”

ODDS: 25-1

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