December 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

”I’m not a follower of fashion,” snips Dame Edna Everage (the flamboyant and ageless alter ego of actor Barry Humphries), a few hours before hitting the stage for her hit one-woman Broadway show Back With a Vengeance. ”I do, however, set fashions in my own modest way. It was I who turned glasses into something rather stylish.” Now that that’s sorted, here are her other fashion must-haves.

Minidresses and Mint Cookies ”I’m very proud of my legs. I’m determined to have snake hips by Christmas. I enjoy the StairMaster and I’m also very careful of my diet. Except for Newman’s Own Hint ‘O Mint cookies [below]. They’ve made me a little heavy around the waist.”

Yasmena Bags ”I’m thrilled by these little bags that just hook over my fingers. It holds my Palm Pilot, a little mobile phone, a camera, as well as a lip wand and a very small powder compact.”

Gloves and Veils ”I’m not neurotic, but do you know how filthy the remote control is in a hotel room? I always wear a little latex surgical glove when I’m changing a channel. Along with gloves, hats and veils are definitely on the way back. A woman looks so much more attractive through a veil. In many cases, a very thick black one.”

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