December 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

1 H.I.M. (HIS INFERNAL MAJESTY) And Love Said No: Greatest Hits 1997-2004 2004 (BMG) ”They’re from Finland. All my favorite bands pretty much come from Scandinavia. It’s definitely the best album in the world for me right now.”

2 CRADLE OF FILTH Nymphetamine 2004 (Roadrunner) ”I bought this when I was driving from Switzerland to Romania. I listened to it nonstop, so I know every word.”

3 CKY Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild 2002 (Island) ”This is my brother’s band. I filmed music videos for every single song on the album, and put them on a DVD, to help him a bit.”

4 THE 69 EYES Devils 2004 (Virgin/EMI) ”More Finns. I’ve been to Finland about 18 times now. Every time I go, I pick up a new CD. I guess the winters are so dark, there’s nothing to do except sit in a basement and play music.”

5 FIREBALL MINISTRY The Second Great Awakening 2003 (Nuclear Blast) ”They’re from Hollywood. It’s like new Sabbath for all the old Sabbath fans out there.”

6 PLACEBO Sleeping With Ghosts 2003 (Virgin) ”A Scottish band. This one’s a mellow album. Every song on it is really good.”

7 HELLTRAIN Route 666 2004 (Nuclear Blast) ”They’re Swedish. They’re gonna have me do a music video for them in March.”

8 TURBONEGRO Scandinavian Leather 2003 (Epitaph) ”One of my favorites — a punk band from Norway. Jeff Tremaine, who directed Jackass: The Movie, just did their latest video.”

9 CHILDREN OF BODOM Hate Crew Deathroll 2003 (Century Media) ”Also from Finland. Really, really good. I just saw them in Budapest.”

10 HANOI ROCKS Twelve Shots on the Rocks 2003 (Liquor and Poker) ”They’re the Finnish version of Guns N’ Roses. They’re all, like, 50 years old now, but they’re still rockin’. The guitarist Andy McCoy still has the best outfits ever.”

11 IGGY POP Skull Ring 2003 (Virgin) ”He’s been one of my influences for so long and he’s still goin’ strong. He got Sum 41 involved on one song [”Little Know It All”], which most people don’t like. But I kind of like it.”

12 CLUTCH Blast Tyrant 2004 (RT./Utr Music) ”I directed their music video ‘Mob Goes Wild.’ That video is on the Viva La Bam DVD.”

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