Did Lindsay Lohan pull an Ashlee? Her label says she sang with a backing vocal track during her live debut on ''Good Morning America,'' but some viewers said they caught her lip-synching

By Gary Susman
December 07, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

”It’s weird to see myself singing,” Lindsay Lohan told Diane Sawyer on Monday, moments before she made her live singing debut on ABC’s Good Morning America. Still, she added, ”When I’m singing, I’m more myself.” Apparently, she was both more and less herself. More, in the sense that her voice was doubled by a backing vocal track. And less, in that some viewers claim to have caught her lip-synching to that track, according to reports in People, the Boston Globe, and elsewhere. The seeming gaffe comes just days after she promised in an interview that she would not be caught in any Ashlee Simpson-style embarrassments as she promoted her album Speak, which hits stores on Tuesday.

The movie star-turned-rocker performed two songs on Monday’s show, ”Rumors,” and ”Over.” One lyric in ”Rumors” goes, ”I would love it if you took the cameras off of me/’Cause I just wanna breathe,” but some viewers said the cameras caught her taking a breather and not singing during at least one moment in the song, even as her voice continued to pipe through the speakers, according to the New York Post. ”Lindsay sang completely live, the band was live and the background singers were live,” Casablanca Records spokeswoman Kim Jakwerth told the Post. Then she acknowledged that Lohan used a backing track on ”Rumors,” saying: ”The first song had some background. It’s a little more rock and roll and needed it there. It’s about how you make the song sound exactly like the record.” A spokesperson for GMA issued a statement, saying: ”All musical artists that perform on Good Morning America are required to perform live. On occasion, artists will have a backing track to support their live vocals.”

Just last week, Lohan told Launch.com that she’d made a point of recording songs she’d be able to sing live, and she promised that there would be no Ashlee Simpson moments during her promotional TV appearances. ”I wanna be able to sing stuff to show that I have a voice and I can actually project,” she said. ”And I wanna find things I’m not gonna have to lip sync to, and that, when I sing it in the studio, it’s something that I could also sing live and sound just as good as I did on the CD.”