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By EW Staff
Updated December 06, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Greek Tragedy

Oh, dear Hollywood. Will you ever learn that costly movies with beautiful people seductively swinging swords and riding horses rarely make for good entertainment? Nor do they tend to be memorable, like that one movie about a guy named Arthur that was king or something. Alexander‘s Angelina Jolie must have gone through hell giving birth to Colin Farrell at the age of 1. Come on. Give me something believable!



Oran, Mont.

When I saw your cover, I excitedly showed my husband what I intelligently discovered: that the first letter of the three last names Jolie, Farrell, and Kilmer spells JFK, which Oliver Stone also directed. Was this intentional or a coincidence? It was probably intended, since it wouldn’t have been possible if the actors were different. How neat!



Millington, Mich.

In his article about Alexander (”Kings, Queens & Wild Things”), Daniel Fierman mentioned the possibly ”dangerous” inclusion of gay content. From a nonhetero standpoint, I would like to congratulate Oliver Stone on his choice to not whitewash this portion of Alexander’s character. There’s a lot of talk about offending a more fundamentalist audience, but people like myself are sick of seeing history being glossed over by Hollywood in an attempt to make it more socially acceptable (the mistake that Troy made when it was decided that audiences wouldn’t be able to accept Achilles as a strong, masculine hero if they knew that Patroclus was actually his lover). Thank you, Mr. Stone, for representing the truth instead of Hollywood’s interpretation of it.


ihavemisplacedmypants@ hotmail.com


Crying Wolfe

I was amused by Tom Wolfe’s appreciation for college students’ ”creative” use of the term ”Monet” in their lingo today (”School Daze”). Wolfe should give credit where credit is due — to Amy Heckerling, who popularized the term nearly 10 years ago in the script of the movie Clueless. In her film, Heckerling managed to knowingly poke fun at the younger culture without condescension. We’ll see if Wolfe manages the same feat with I Am Charlotte Simmons.


bylinemjf@hotmail.com Silver Spring, Md.

Rap Sheet

I would like to thank the writers of ”Bring the Noise” for not turning their article into a popularity contest. Your article was respectful of the MCs of yesteryear, and your inclusion of underground artists like Aceyalone, Kool Keith (Dr. Octagon), and EL-P, as well as forgotten greats like the Pharcyde and (sadly) Boogie Down Productions, really honors those who should be getting more respect within the hip-hop community. Even though I don’t agree with all of your choices, I appreciate the consideration you all used.