EW reviews the latest Walt Disney Treasures DVD's

By Chris Willman
December 06, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

EW reviews the latest Walt Disney Treasures DVD’s

All together now: M-I-C…as in, see you at the video store, 2-D animation geeks! The fourth wave of tin-encased, limited-edition Walt Disney Treasures is at (four-fingered) hand. In the lead is a second superb set of monochrome Mickey, Mickey Mouse in Black and White: Volume Two, that’s a serious collector draw not just because it further collates the Depression-era days when Walt’s Every-mouse was cranky, Minnie was a coquette, and the drawings were sophisticated and surreal. It also has a higher percentage of suppressed cartoons than volume 1, with stereotype-riddled shorts now shuffled into a ”vault” section, where host Leonard Maltin can offer one blanket apology instead of 10. The Complete Pluto: Volume Onerelies even more heavily on physical slapstick, since Disney cursed Pluto as the only animal in creation without a larynx. Smaller doses are recommended, since there are only so many ways a dog can fall on his ass, but when he’s good, he’s doggone brilliant. The Mickey Mouse Club: Week 1 lives up to its title and really is only five shows from the kiddle variety hour’s 1955 premiere week — which means if Disney continues issuing separate weeks sequentially, it’ll be centuries before you see Annette fill out that sweater. They’re five days boomers have waited years to get on disc, and a new chat with Mouseketeers like Cubby and Doreen lets you guess who’s had their ears done.

Mickey in B&W: A
Pluto: A-
Mouse Club: Y (Because we like it!)