EW evaluates hip-hop stars designer shoes -- Here's what we think about Jay-Z and Missy Elliot's sneaker line

By Whitney Pastorek
Updated December 06, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Run-DMC can keep their Adidas. Other hip-hop stars are flooding stores with shoes reflecting both personal style and a deep understanding of the massive profit to be had from cross-marketing. Here, a sampling (ha!).

JAY-Z Sean Carter (Reebok) Breakdown Extra-white sneaks. What the Shoes Say About Jigga He’s a man of classy, simple tastes. About You I can pay someone to walk outside for me. B-

BABY Birdman (Lugz) Breakdown Skaters with a Gucci-ish stripe. What the Shoes Say About Baby He’s rebellious, but still a stand-up guy. About You Screw you, Wimbledon, and your all-white rules! I’m street! B+

50 CENT G-Unit G6 II (Reebok) Breakdown A sleek update of a solid, functional street shoe. What the Shoes Say About Fiddy He requires practical footwear — or fleeing. About You Although it is not my birthday, I very badly wish to be in da club. A-

MISSY ELLIOTT Remix (Adidas) Breakdown Nothing says hip-hop like gladiator boots. What the Shoes Say About Missy She’s a trendsetter in music and fashion. About You I may be wearing a miniskirt, but don’t think I won’t kick your ass. A+